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Migration from Windows to Linux

Why should one migrate from Windows to Linux ??? (read below)

Crashes, viruses and headaches. You have had it with Windows and you want to switch to Linux. Where to begin? How do you save your documents? Will my hardware work?

Slow down... take a deep breath, because you have a lot of work ahead of you. Millions of people have made the same switch before you, so it's not impossible.

Cost also determines a major factor when it comes to licensing of Windows products, we are not saying that Windows is not a good operating system, but compared to linux any flavor it does not have stability. As stated above cost plays an very important role in any organization, as in recent times mostly many of the organizations have taken up and are thinking of migrating from Windows to Linux.

How can Solutions Infinity Pvt. Ltd. help you in this migration ???

Solutions Infinity Pvt. Ltd. will take this migration as a complete project. We are going to take you step-by-step through a whole migration from Windows to Linux, covering everything from picking the right Linux distribution to installing Linux OS and compatable applications which were previously there on your Windows Desktop.

To make it simple and sweet we will prefer to give you a POC (Proof Of Concept) wherein you can check rigirously on this desktop all your requirements.