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PHP/MySQL Training Methodology

Since our courses offered by us are practical, hands-on training programmes, our classes are conducted in labs, where two participants have a system/linux box to himself which he has done the installation of the box. We expect participants to learn by practically configuring services/applications while the trainer closely monitors them.

Progress of a participant is not measured by the number of training hours that he has completed, but by the skill-sets he has acquired. To ensure what is taught has been understood and practised, the pace of the training may be altered as per requirement, and participants are encouraged to spend additional time practising.

We also encourage participants to join our forums, where they can share a problem and get support.

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Section 4
Introduction to Web Technology Array XML and DOM Introduction to Java Scripts
Scope of web applications Building Blocks (Conditions, loop, declare, etc.) Introduction to web services Javascript basic
Introduction to web applications languages Functions SOAP Javascript Form validations
Introduction to PHP Predefined Functions (Array and String) Files and Images Ajax
Basic HTML Global variables, Session and Cookies Authentication Javascript pagination
Basic Design and CSS, with images Methods Data encryption Data management using Javascript and Ajax
Let Start with PHP Introduction to OOPS SMS and EMAILS Javascript cookies
Basic Syntax. (HTML escaping, instructions and comments) Basic concept of OOPS Basic concept behind image libraries, shopping Cart, Address book, Social network, etc. Javascript DOM
Types, Variable, Expression and Constant Database Connections Assignment – Creating a Shopping cart with image Dispaly Assignment – Creating a complete portal with design, form including business functionality in place
PHP Form handling Queries and Basic DB library    
Assignment on HTML templates and PHP Forms MVC structures    
  Assignment – Creating a Portal OR ERP / HRMS / CMS module using OOPS and MVC structures    


All faculties at Solutions Infinity Pvt. Ltd. routinely take up projects at the client sites our software solutions and services arm. This is to ensure that the faculty is able to bring in his practical experiences to the classroom. A number of the courses are also taught by full-time Linux engineers and solution architects.

We believe that training is not just about completing a course contents of a book, but is largely the developing and nurturing a skill — not just that of students, but those of the faculty and engineers also.